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DMH is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This means we exist to benefit the community.


We offer community health benefits to our area in the form of free health screenings, health fairs, education, sponsorships, and economic impact. The IRS requires non-profit hospitals to actively assess their community's health needs every three years.


Please look through our 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment to learn more about the needs and service gaps we have identified in our community, and our plans for how to address them.

Current Report (Approved by DMH Board of Directors on March 23, 2016)
Community Health Needs Assessment 2016
Implementation Plan 2016
Additional Reference: Attachment D - UAMS Center of Rural Health: A Picture of Rural Health in Arkansas

Please contact Ember Davis, marketing coordinator, at (870) 460-4871 or edavis@drewmemorial.org if you have any questions.

Community Benefits Report Form

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