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What to Expect

Once your home health/personal care referral is received a nurse will contact you to set a date and time for an assessment/evaluation.  Your insurance information will then be checked for eligibility.  During this visit, you will have to answer a series of questions relating to your condition, medical history, medications, and knowledge of illness.  It will be determined then if you meet the criteria for Home Health/Personal Care Services.

You must be homebound to receive Home Health Services.  This means the patient is generally confined or medically restricted to his or her residence.  However, patients can leave the home for absences that: 

·         Are infrequent in nature

·         Are short in duration

·         Require a taxing effort.

Examples of “infrequent/short in duration” absences.

·         Attending a religious service

·         An occasional trip to the barber or salon

·         A walk around the block

·         Family reunion

·         Funeral

·         A family celebration such as graduation

Examples of “taxing effort”

·         Requires the assistance of another person to leave the home

·         May require the use of a cane, walker or wheelchair

·         Requires a high level of assistance in order to get into an automobile

Once admitted to Home Health Services, you can expect a nurse visit every 1-2 weeks, depending your plan of care and physician orders. The nurse will assess you on every visit and education you on medications, treatments, and symptoms to watch for and determine your understanding and provide additional teaching if needed.  The family/caregiver will also be educated on your medications, treatments, and symptoms to watch for.  You will be given a calendar to determine when you can expect visits and our phone number to call if there are any questions or problems.  If your insurance allows, you will be offered a skilled care aide to assist with your personal care.  The frequency will be determined by need and availability of staff.

Once admitted to Personal Care your aide will be there in accordance to your Medicaid approved plan of care, this can vary by number of days and duration.  On admission the nurse will education you on your plan of care.  An RN will visit you every 60 days to determine your satisfaction with your personal care aide.

There is a nurse on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week to answer any questions or if any needs arise.  Home Health is not an emergency service and any emergencies should be called to 911. Examples of these emergencies would include: respiratory distress, active bleeding, chest pain, mental status changes, falls resulting in injury.