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An estimated 7 million Americans suffer from chronic wounds.  These wounds can be malodorous, painful, and can inhibit people from living the active lifestyle that they desire.  The Wound Center is a resource that is available to help anyone suffering from chronic wounds.

At the Wound Center, we provide specialized care to treat patients with non-healing wounds.  We work with an interdisciplinary team of surgeons, podiatrists, and specially trained nursing staff to develop a treatment plan that is patient specific.  Patients also have access to physical therapy, nutritionists, home health services and diabetic educators to facilitate faster, specialized healing.  Our goal is to treat not only the wound, but the patient as a whole.  We teach patients, family members, and caregivers how to care for wounds at home to further facilitate faster healing.  Our clinic treats a variety of wound types including: 

·         chronic wounds

·         venous stasis ulcers

·         diabetic ulcers, arterial ulcers

·         pressure ulcers

·         non-healing surgical wounds

·         trauma

·         burns

·         cellulitis

·         any other type of wound that has not healed in one month or worsens

                Types of treatment that we provide include advanced wound dressings, negative pressure wound therapy, bio-engineered tissue/skin substitutes, debridement, and wraps to decrease lower leg swelling.  We aim to reduce discomfort from wounds, heal your wounds, and help you stay healed.

The Wound Center s is located in the Outpatient Clinics. Patients may call 870-367-4325 to speak with someone about scheduling an appointment.