Price Transparency

Drew Memorial updates its list of standard charges annually in an effort to provide price transparency to our patients and to meet the IPPS/LTCHS PPS requirement. For more information about our standard charges, please contact our Patient Access Representatives at (870) 367-2411. Updated: December 2020

Standard Charges

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE BE AWARE that the average DRG and/or other amounts referenced in the accompanying data are not necessarily representative of the amount that a patient will be charged by Drew Memorial Health System. There are numerous factors which determine costs and charges to a patient’s account, including, but not limited to, complexity of diagnosis, complexity of treatment, complexity of procedure, charges of other providers, insurance status of patient, patient’s insurance carrier, patient’s deductible and co-pay limits, and other factors. Please do not consider any data on this website regarding charge amounts to be directly indicative of the amount that you will ultimately be charged. Rates are subject to change, periodically, without prior notice.